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The Pioneer Valley Mycological Association is dedicated to enhancing the public’s knowledge and appreciation of the fungal kingdom by providing ongoing educational programming in the form of guided mushroom walks, lectures, newsletters, information on multi-day regional and national forays, and citizen science projects. Because fungi are integral components of complex ecosystems, we are committed to advocating for responsible and sustainable study and collection methods. We focus on, but are not limited to, the three counties of the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts (Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden).

This site contains a variety of resources to help guide the amateur mycologist in the study of fungi common to our region. Explore these pages to learn about us and all of the educational opportunities we provide!

For a carefully curated collection of fungi photographs by PVMA's co-founder and chief mycologist, Dianna Smith, visit



Happy New Year to our wonderful members and visitors! 2023 was a fantastic mushroom season, with continued rain through the summer and fall creating the perfect conditions in our woods for great fungal diversity.


Paid members receive access to our guided walks through the mushroom season as well as Zoom educational lectures in the spring.  If you are interested in joining PVMA or gifting membership, see the Membership page.

Please continue to explore these pages for lots of great resources. The Education page has slide shows from past presentations, and the Resources page has a variety of articles, checklists, recommended field guides and other goodies. Past issues of the newsletter are available on the Newsletter page.

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