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PVMA is the Pioneer Valley Mycological Association.

We are interested in fungi.

We like to be in a forest with others who are fascinated by fungi.

We educate each other and anyone who wants to learn more than they know already about fungi.

We take and give educational workshops.

We examine fungi under the microscope.

We photograph fungi and publish our collection walk lists.

We write a newsletter.

We cook, grow and/or eat fungi.

We participate in citizen science projects.

We participate in and lead identification and foraging walks for members, curious non-members, and community functions.

We attend multiple-day forays to work with and learn from each other, experienced amateurs and professionals of mycology.

We celebrate knowing a bit more about the fungi kingdom and its generally beneficient interactions with everything on our planet.

We read. We study. We ponder. We enjoy what we do for fun!

That’s the PVMA . . . Come join us!

Meet the PVMA Board of Directors

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