Walk Schedule

Dianna talks to group_cover photo_croppe

Dianna Smith shares her expertise on a PVMA walk.

The best way to learn about fungi is to go out in the field with people who know them! Every year, PVMA sponsors informative walks throughout the Pioneer Valley, from late spring to late fall. Most guided walks take place on Sundays, with an occasional Saturday walk. When our schedules allow, guided walks by Dianna Smith or other knowledgeable members may also be offered on weekdays a few days after a rain. The walks are free for current club members. If you aren't a member but would like to experience going on one of our walks, we charge a $10 fee per person, which can be placed toward an annual membership if you decide to join.

Please note that our 2020 walk schedule has been postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing pandemic. We will be following the advice of scientific experts to determine if and when it is safe to return to our normal activities.